761C·Space (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of BBEF Electronics Group.

An international technology transfer and incubation service platform of Beijing Electronics Holding Co., Ltd.(BEHC).

Acting as an ICI Secretariat Office

ICI-761C•Space International Landing Pad

The ICI (http://www.bjici.net/) is a public platform funded by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission (ICI). It aims to gather service providers and reach a partnership between them. The goal of ICI is to promote international innovation enterprises and SMEs to enter China, but also to promote Chinese enterprises and investors to the world. The ICI Secretariat is located in the 761 workshop, and the two jointly establish an international soft landing zone, which is provided to international members of ICI and other international companies and institutions.


Fintect Space Detail

The Space is a well-equipped meeting place for Fintech actors both from local and international. The Space
will provide professional consultancy service portfolio for international Fintech players to enable
them to understand China market and help them to connect with Chinese clients and partners.

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No. 23, Huangsi street, Xicheng District, Beijing

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